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05 • Fidden

05 • Fidden

• Tokenized 10/10 digital artwork up for auction at Rarible • ← Coming Soon

• Completely hand drawn  iPad Pro + Apple Pencil  2018 

•• It is all about the uncertainty of not knowing what to do •

This one I draw during my time in Montreal. The first half came out naturally during the first couple of days, the second half was pure mental vomit in the last days of my stay. I was feeling sad, lost and alone. My father recently started to show symptoms of his cancer getting stronger and I

didn't know what to do. Should I stay here and chase my idealized future? Should I go back home and take this chance to see my father again, to be with him and my mother? My feelings of depression for the past and anxiety for the future were drowning me. I would get high every day and think too much about what was expected from me, what I was supposed to do, and then think a whole lot more about what I really wanted for me. Some of my friends and family gave me their advice, trying to tell me what to do. how to feel. how to be me. In the end, I came back because of love, not because of anything else. When I was drawing the left and last portion, I believe the energy around me was so intense that the whole progress got deleted all of a sudden, leaving me with a blank space and a rage inside. Only the first half of the drawing remained, the one from the previous sessions. It was lost. Fortunately, "we have technology! I took a screenshot from the

"making of' video that most drawing apps automatically capture nowadays and even though it doesn't have the same pixel resolution the original file was supposed to have, here it is. What wanted to stay hidden is now Fidden. - It is a battle, a catastrophe and a light at the end of the tunnel. It is all about the uncertainty of not knowing what to do ••

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