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06 • Firaffe


• Tokenized video artwork up for auction at SuperRare •

• Completely hand drawn  iPad Pro + Apple Pencil  2k 

•• “A tough one. With many life scars, soul cracks. Thrown in the dark, alone and afraid, stayed there for a long time. Bruised at a young age, drinking tears over the flames, licking wounds with a rosty taste… until something truly amazing happens: I’m freaking glowing in the dark!“


Vulnerability is something most people undervalue, while others are even afraid of it. Often mistaken as being weak or mentally insane by those that haven’t taken a real dive into their own vulnerabilities. Usually linked to darkness as well, we have a tendency for trying to take control by self-imposing limitations instead of making an effort to understand them. Firaffe has been living in the dark since a very young age, which only helped to face and recognize it’s own vulnerabilities. Now, old enough to understand them, Firaffe found a way to make them glow. Darkness has never been this bright ••

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