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08 • Lilu


• Tokenized video artwork up for auction at SuperRare •

• Completely hand drawn  iPad Pro + Apple Pencil  2k • Black, white and alpha (transparent) pixels 

•• “I am the guardian of light. Not a he, not a she. A creature capable of bringing light into the darkest places of your mind. Come on in, trust me. This time it won’t be pitch dark” 


This piece came out of the original sketch that became “Baby bouncer”, one of my previous works. Stripped down to it’s essence, taking it back to it’s original form and giving it a more hearted meaning. With a hidden visual effect disguised as a magic spell ••


•• By thumbnail one way, 

by full screen another. 

This shall be the norm. 

Until you find the courage to come in

and take one’s true form. ••

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