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LiV • An IV for light

• Tokenized video artwork up for auction at SuperRare •

• Completely hand drawn using an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil  5k x 7k • mp4 

•• During the first months of COVID19, my faith has been questioned by my own meanings. I have long stopped believing in an almighty god as most religions often paint it and started believing in a wider universe connected by energy, by matter… and somehow it all comes down to goodwill and love, which is something I believe our current society lacks a lot of. 


My beloved family and I have been dealing with my father's cancer and health condition, which only got worse during the lockdown. It’s been 8 months since I moved back home to help take better care of him, and his light seems to be slowly fading away, day by day. I am grateful for being here, with them… and I’m also scared, terrified, looking for the meaning of it all.


To be completely honest: I’m no longer sure if light and/or energy is coming towards us or away from us; passing through us and filling our bodies or actually draining us.


I know I’ve got to keep on believing. On what exactly? That's still the question ••

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