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01 • Moom


• Tokenized digital artwork up for auction at SuperRare •

• Completely hand drawn  iPad Pro + Apple Pencil  2k 

•• “A body part of a never seen and never known kind of creature, since it only appeared in my dreams” 


This was my very first attempt at drawing something “good”. At least what I thought back then about what “good” meant. At the time I was discovering this whole new world inside the iPad Pro: I sold my laptop in the hopes of pursuing an even more mobile life. Being able to bring it to work and even use it there while full-filling all my computer needs, without it being an actual computer, felt amazing. Even though nowadays I’m seriously considering buying a laptop as a companion because it just fell short overtime. Its development is as slow as it gets and the company behind it is slowing as well.


Leaving that behind… I was eager to try it out. Months passed by and I wasn’t getting it, I didn’t even used the pencil that much, only to draw some furniture in different perspectives, which felt sad because I had also dropped out of college recently and all that Industrial Design knowledge was limiting my creative senses, it still does sometimes: focusing too much on every single detail, the whole aesthetic of the piece, the minimalistic approach, the clean, simple and fine imagery. Still struggling to find a balance between Art and Design.


One day I decided I’ve had it enough, started drawing a lot of lines coming out of one single ‘perspective point’. Drawing natural and curvy lines that completely destroyed the rules of perspective points in the Technical Drawing world. It was all out of frustration, out of feeling so ‘structured’ inside that I just wanted to break out of it.


This is how it all started, then I didn’t stop. I would draw in my room, in the subway, at work, during phone calls at the Call Center, sometimes I would zone out so hard I couldn’t even remember what a client was talking about. I became a bad employee at the very end. Right before quitting after finding myself inside someone else’s body, when I stared at the city underneath, standing on the rooftop garden of that very tall building, when I was holding my life between the rails of passing subways and my writing.

That very last day when I collapsed on the floor and stared at the rails long enough to know thats was not how I wanted it all to end. That very last day when I got myself into a psychiatric institution out of fear of causing me harm


Thank you moom. You saved me as much as my writing did and that’s something I’ll always cherish. You matter to me. My beautiful ‘monstery’ creature inside 🤍 ••

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