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10 • Sel•Fi•e

• Certified video artwork tokenized and up for auction at SuperRare •

• Completely hand drawn using an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil | 6k x 5k | 


•• This is no more than a surreal portrait of me and my psyche. So many things holding us down and completely aware. 

-I won’t be able to find a job here. Not having a computer and not even having a stable internet connection at all times is not the way to grow my online presence as a digital artist. But the idea of moving back to Mexico City feels like a last goodbye to my father. When did I go back to being so scared? Where are you Firaffe? Where are you Moom? Where are you Lilu? LiV? Baby Bouncer? Fitch? Who are we? Where are we? What the hell are we doing?-

We are in a position in which all we freaking do is watch, observe… at nature, at people, at the world. But we haven’t really looked.


-My capacity to get stuff done, which for me is my ability to stay focused on how many things, is somewhat little. I know I may sound stupid… but I’m an artist! Am I not? How am I supposed to behave? Like a real down-to-earth person? Well I am not. I’m not like that. I am a disaster-

“Keep playing my heart strings, faster and faster. You can be just what I want, my true disaster”


This is more than a surreal portrait of me and my psyche, this is a visual conversation.


-We have to take the risk to do this our own way. No more trying to be other people, be who we freaking are. Stop comparing to those other amazing artists around and keep on creating, for our own human health. Just keep on creating. It will be enough one day. Right?-

But are we good enough? Bold enough? Brave enough? What about strong? Creative? Talented? Innovative?

Are we ever enough? 

-We already know the answer: keep on believing until it feels true••

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