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02 • WTFi

2. WhatTheFi.png

• Tokenized 10/10 digital artwork up for auction at Rarible • ← Coming Soon

• Completely hand drawn  iPad Pro + Apple Pencil  2018 

•• "Looking for a future" • This was my very first drawing where I focused solely on Mental Vomit. I had been dreaming of a solo trip to Montreal for most of my life. I do believe that idea influenced this artwork. To me, it looks like a sketchy human being wearing some kind of winter clothes, with a surreal approach. People have given me many different interpretations, such as: "A horse running for its life" / "A duckling crying while praying" / "A woman reaching into her purse looking for something she may never find. Forever locked in that state" / "A whale opening its mouth ready to engulf us all" • What do YOU see? Let me know, I do love knowing all about it ••

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